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Why should you have a Home Studio? If you like independence, you can record your own songs without relying on others to do so. Who knows, you save a lot of money in a production that would require much studio time. We know that major studios charge by the hour, so time is money. So let's check what we can do...

You can make one of these choices:

1) record in a professional studio

2) do it yourself on your Home Studio

3) or even ask a friend to do it with you

Of course, the option to record everything at home in Home Studio seems to be the best. You don't need to wait for others to make things happen. You can still repeat the recording as often as you want, and you can choose the best moments, when you are inspired to write. You have your studio ready to record at any time.

You had to record a few things using that computer microphone, but it is unable to capture all the voice nuances, the timbre of the guitar, the frequencies of the audio spectrum, which greatly limits the quality. They are indicated for use just with communication softwares like Skype, because it has phone quality only.

Now is the question: how to buy an inexpensive microphone for under US$100?

Professional microphones are equipped with XLR connectors, and you will not get it easy to plug in to your PC, unless you have a compatible sound card, such as Delta 44, Mia, Darla, Layla or equivalent.

An inexpensive way to resolve this problem is to use a USB microphone. USB? Yes, that same place where you connect a pen drive, camera, all this is plugged into the USB port. It is very easy to use a USB microphone: just plug it into your USB and wait a few seconds until it is recognized as a sound device.

The quality of the USB microphone is considerable and you can use it for professional recordings without losing audio quality. Sure, you can come to want an upgrade to a normal microphone in the future, but it will always be nice to have a USB microphone in your arsenal.

A Behringer C-1U USB microphone is an example model which lets users make professional recordings for less than US$100. Plug it into your laptop and go! You are willing to record your podcasts anywhere with high quality!

This is one way of solving the microphone problem in Home Studio.

This video from YouTube may help you...

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rodrigo marques

Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!