headphones musical arrangement

How much does it cost to produce a musical arrangement made in recording studio, in any style? This is a question many have and we will try to understand now.

home studio microphone close

Many wish to make Home Studio a full-time work place, but not everyone has a clue about how to find customers for their recording studio. This marketing problem is common in any business area, but fortunately you will get your customers, even if your studio is not as impressive. Let's find out how?

Contract With a Record Label

A huge number of musicians can't even get a contract with a record label, mainly because their minds are filled with myths about the music industry. If you want to achieve success more quickly, then it is good to get rid of these myths as soon as possible. Educating yourself and increasing your value to the market may be the key to getting the attention of a great record company. Let's now check out the 3 mistakes most musicians make when trying to do business with a record label. Come on?

audience super fans

Today we are going to know the concept of super fans, and how they can transform you into an artist capable of realizing your own dreams, without depending on the big and saturated record companies. Let's find out how it all works?

rodrigo marques

Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!