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How much does it cost to produce a musical arrangement made in recording studio, in any style? This is a question many have and we will try to understand now.

The reason you want a musical arrangement can be varied. It may be that you want to record an album with a few songs for your fans, or are planning to advertise, but the truth is that the cost of producing a music arrangement will depend on some important factors.

The Creative Musician

musical arranger playing music keyboardWe've been talking about How to Make a Musical Arrangement in 2 Hours and all of its creative / mathematical process. However, if you are thinking of doing something of quality, you need a creative musician to get the job done. It will be great if the musician knows how to play the keyboard like nobody else, this will be the instrument used to control all the other instruments that make up the musical arrangement. This musician must be theoretical, everything that is done in an arrangement needs to be understood, especially on the harmonic structure of the work.

Every arranger is also a kind of composer. For example: mainly when composing the soils in the interludes of the arrangement. If you want to be the creator of the arrangement, focus on studying music theory and dedicate yourself to the keyboard as your main musical instrument.

A good musician can charge you per hour or per job, you will have to negotiate with him the contractual terms, even to avoid copyright problems. After all, the arranger is composing an important part of the musical harmonic structure.

The Recording Studio

musical band recording with producerIf you don't have a recording studio, then you're going to have to rent one of those, or pay them to make an arrangement for you. There are good studios, with good professional arrangers, capable of delivering great results.

Another possibility is to hire a freelance music arranger. Then you can take this arrangement to your Home Studio and complete your production process.

Just as you would have to pay to have a custom music arrangement for your music, as you own the studio, you would be getting paid for a job that can be finalized in a few hours.

What many Home Studio owners don't realize is that they have a great machine to make music or audio services at home and many are not taking advantage of that value potential.

The Complexity of a Musical Arrangement

musician recording keyboard laptopWhen it comes to musical arrangements, these can be simple or complex. The more complex the arrangement, the more theoretical knowledge the musician must have. In addition, the audio enginer also needs to use a formula to mix all the instruments without losing the final audio setting.

Financially, a complex arrangement is very costly. It would be great if the arranger studied some techniques for creating mental states, because this can define whether the arrangement is successful or not in the market.

How much does an arrangement cost? Look, the cost of a musical arrangement can vary greatly, depending on the arranger, the country where he lives, and his authority on the market. Usually the cost varies between $ 250 - $ 2500. As I said, if the arranger is very famous, you can put more zeros in the account. This value is very subjective and will depend on the arranger's abilities to sell his services, or the recording studio's market positioning.

Good musicians arrangers are important figures to help you achieve success in your productions.

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