Meet the USB MIDI cable for Home Studio

USB MIDI cable, the cable that connects computer keyboards since the 80s has evolved considerably. Let us know a bit about the history of the USB MIDI cable. Come on?

If you’re the type who enjoys making music on your computer, then probably heard that you can connect a music keyboard to your PC and control a sequencer software like Sonar. This is true and it has been done for over 20 years!

The MIDI cable and connect a keyboard to the PC, it is also able to create a network of interconnected instruments to each other by their MIDI ports. These ports always have one input and one output (MIDI IN and MIDI OUT) so you can send your MIDI commands to a PC, sampler, synthesizer or other MIDI instrument.

Currently, the MIDI cable is becoming known for being part of the game Guitar Hero. Yes, there is a USB MIDI cable that will attached to play guitar, only one input cable.

Personally I use a MIDI cable in Home Studio to control my Sonar, making musical arrangements, among other things.

In the 90s MIDI cables to computer used a DB25 connection, it is connected to MIDI/GAME PORT port on the ancient sound cards. Many electronics enthusiasts even made their own MIDI cables that time.

Currently the USB took account of various sectors of the music technology market with the MIDI cable could not be different. The first USB MIDI cables in the center had a box interconnecting the ends of the USB plug to the MIDI connectors, and recently these USB MIDI cables resemble with one continuous cable, creating an interesting aesthetic effect.

There are many MIDI cable manufacturers, the ideal is that you note the country of origin, avoiding the USB MIDI cable with very low prices.

A MIDI cable that I can recommend is the IconnectMIDI model 1 from iConnectivity.

Here are some problems that can occur with USB MIDI Cables and how to solve them…


Some USB MIDI cable does not work very well on Mac. In some cases many Class Compliant USB MIDI Devices do not appear properly to the computer. The most common symptoms are: device does not appear in the programs, missing ports, automap buttons not working or connecting.

If you are having this problem, check out this tutorial on My USB MIDI Device Is not Working On My Mac



USB MIDI Converter

The USB MIDI interface is the most common today. Check out this video where you can check how to connect your musical keyboard with your computer.



USB MIDI Cable Driver

Here you can check the drivers for some Yamaha USB-MIDI devices: USB-MIDI Driver Download Page

Here’s the driver download for the Terrasoniq MIDI ONE USB MIDI Cable Interface

Download Blindskunk Windows 7 Generic USB MIDI Cable (VIEWCON)

MIDI USB Cable Guitar Hero Drumset

Connecting the drumset guitar hero to the PC is possible. There is even a tutorial showing you how you can do so here: Hack a Guitar Hero drumset to use it with any computer over USB, Part 1

It is a very challenging tutorial, but it can help you to expand your limits.

MIDI to USB Cable for Casio Keyboard

Some musical keyboards Casio have integrated midi resources, but this keyboard uses a USB Type B port. You will need a cable similar to this one to be able to connect your Cassio keyboard to your PC or MAC.

If your keyboard model does not use USB Type B port, follow this tutorial on Cassio Music Academy that shows the basic step to connect a music keyboard to the PC.

USB MIDI Cable and Garageband

And yet, here what to do when USB MIDI cable not working in garageband.

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