What is The Best Time to Record on Your Recording Studio

You are that one composer who has recorded hundreds of songs and is recording all your work in digital format. Have a music recording studio at home is the minimum you need to accomplish this task. But as recording is a noisy process, and you do not have an adequate soundproofing…

…So, what is the best time to record on your recording studio? Let’s find out?

Recording is very pleasant, and create good results. When we’re on studio, we do not even notice the time pass and this can cause big problems, especially when you’re recording at dawn without soundproofing the room. Neighbors may even call the police, then your pleasurable recording ends as a cop show.

You don’t have a big budget to make the soundproofing of the studio? So the best way to avoid these disorders is: choosing the best time to make noise.

In the morning, afternoon or evening?

Much depends on how you are working in your recording studio. The most important is to adapt the schedule to the needs of everybody: musicians, singers, neighbors, family, etc. If you work full time in your studio, certainly do not have any extra commitment, it helps a lot to easing your time grid.

We must remember that most musicians are sleeping during the morning, so it’s impossible schedule a voice placement at 8:00 am without it does not comply with the time. If the musician is honest, he probably will appear very tired, sleepy and with little ability to concentrate.

During the night, the neighbors can make a real “fuss” because of the noise, this is very embarrassing.

So far, we lost time of the dawn and in the morning, but we still have the hours after lunch and overnight. Let’s look at what happens at these times.

Overnight, we have to stay with the family, you do not want to lose that documentary on the Discovery Channel or History, do you? So, enjoy the evening with your family.

You do not need to be Einstein to figure out that the best time for a musician to record, is in the afternoon.

Recording during the afternoon

Musicians usually wake up there by 13:00, eat something and go to the studio to record. We still have some sacrifice here because it needs to wake up at least around 9:00 to warm up the voice and have time for lunch before facing the recordings in the studio.

The musician when he arrives to the studio, warms up his voice, his energies are restored and he is alert like an eagle. Ready. Your client / musician can put the voice and perform better their instruments in this special period which is in the afternoon.

For now this is it. Back with more on this another time, commenting on the best times to mix, to show a finished product to the customer and things like that.

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