jbl control1 pro

Audio studio monitors as the name suggests, are those "speakers" that you see in recording studios. In this post we will deal with the piracy of studio audio monitors. Come on?

improve audio quality

Enhance the recording quality is what every producer wants, making this one of the priority goals. Everyone can think what improves the quality of the recording is the equipment that is used, making beginners seek equipment for studio, often expensive, to try to meet the goal of increasing the quality of recorded music. Let's find out the kind of approach that gives more results in terms of increasing the quality of a specific recorded music. Come on?


The Bootsie epicVerb is not new, but it's one of my favorite free plugins.

The epicVerb is a plugin for reverb that simulates from the environment in a small room for drums and vocal recordings to the epic salons that are known for their high quality. It can be configured to produce various types of reverb and is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. No doubt is a true stereo reverb quality.

making musical arrangements

Have you ever wanted to make your own musical arrangements? This became possible thanks to the Sonar, a powerful recording and MIDI sequencing software. With this software even novice musicians can create their own musical arrangements. Now comes an important question: How long does it take to create a musical arrangement? Let's find out then the answer...

abbey road 60 drums

The Native Instruments recently launched its newest collection of samples for Kontakt 4, the Abbey Road 60s Drum Sample Library.

rodrigo marques

Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!