musical instruments trashed

Could it be that one-day musical instruments will eventually end up in the trash? Is that true for future studio recordings? Let's find out who can lead you to retire your guitar, at least during the recording.

In adolescence, we always have some kind of contact with a guitar. It can be with a friends guitar or one owned as a birthday gift.

condenser microphone

Are you looking for small microphones to use in your studio recordings, or even for any other purpose? So, now we gonna know what to expect from a tiny microphone.

When I started my home studio, my first microphone was an old video camera. At that time, I used a lot of video equipment to record audio and my "dinosaur head" style camera was my favorite. The sound quality of that camera microphone was acceptable, with a very wide dynamic range, capable of capturing voice and guitar to perfection.

recording microphone

There are a lot of studio owners out there who are suffering for years, all for not understanding something fundamental in a quality audio recording studio. Let's take a look at what it can be and how you can solve that kind of problem, starting today!

rodrigo marques

Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!