how to sing high notes

How to sing high notes is what every beginner singer wants to learn. Reach higher notes is the key to sing any song in virtually any musical tone. Let us now give some tips that can help you achieve high notes in any music. Keep reading...

Okay. That's the part we all know. We want to sing high notes, period. But… We need to confirm some points before we find out how we can get this result.

If you want to be a versatile singer, you will also want to reach high notes when singing.

A singer who does not sing high notes may have difficulty singing certain type of music, or even find it impossible to reach the tone of some parts of the song.

I don’t like to give you bad news, because you are here looking for solutions. However I need to help you find a good way to save your time and keep you motivated.

  1. Not all people are able to achieve very high musical notes.
  2. Most people reach only one and a half octaves (twelve tones).
  3. This vocal range is called tessitura.

Check this vocal range and try to identify your vocal range

Vocal Range Classification

Many people have a vocal range that part from bass tones until reach the middle trebles. They are called bass voice.

The next level on the scale is the Baritone, and then we have the Tenor, Alto, Mezzo Soprano and Soprano.

Men tend to be part of the group Bass – Tenor.

Women tend to be part of the group Alto – Soprano.

By observing the anatomy of vocal range is easy to see that a man singer who wants to reach high notes have to sing from Bass to Mezzo Soprano or Soprano, which is a very rare ability to find in one person. On the other hand, a woman who wants to sing Bass may also meet difficulties because of the characteristics of her voice.

In 1997 I began to discover that my voice was getting lower, going from Alto to Tenor. During adolescence boys can reach higher tones. Over the years the voice can go lowering the tone gradually and go losing his ability to sing higher tones.

Only after a few years I learned how to sing higher notes

My puberty has passed, the voice was steady and soul got used to the new body and vocal cords. I believe that maturity does very well for voice quality and also helps to deal with a limited vocal range like mine.

A good approach to sing high notes is to understand that dwarves are not so good basketball players. Similarly, a skinny person will not have good results when trying to fight sumo.

The only possible thing to do is to disguise your vocal limitations.

My favorite band is U2, and a feature of this band is its variety of falsetto. No, it's not an Italian language class. The falsetto is a vocal effect that makes the singer reach virtually impossible notes. Likewise the voice vibrato is a possible technique to learn, falsetto may be understood and applied after a couple of training sessions.

The U2’s falsetto is created largely by his guitarist The Edge. Bono does not even need to stress his voice to reach high notes.

Many people have the impression that Bono sings extremely high notes. Check out the Elevation song where The Edge’s falsetto completes the Bono’s voice and creates an extensive and complete vocal.


Finally, you need to identify where your voice fits this vocal range, and then use falsetto to go beyond the limits of your voice. The ideal is to create a voice progression that ends in a falsetto, creating a voice extension with two octaves.

I'll be back to talk more about falsetto and vocal techniques here at HSS.

An extra tip from Rodrigo: If you want to know How To Get Rid Of Your Vocal 'Break' And Reach 
For Higher Notes With Effortless Strength, I recommend you watch this video right now.


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