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Choosing a microphone for vocals is always a concern for anyone who is setting up a recording studio. All this because we think we need to have the best of the best microphones to have the best of the best recordings. We can't blame people for thinking that way, it's a normal thought, so it should be like this: you buy the best microphone and everything is solved ... But it doesn't really work that way. 

Having the Best Microphone Is Not Enough

Why should you have the best sound with the best microphone and you don't have it? Let's imagine that your friend just bought a brand new Ferrari and is inviting you to take a tour, just to test the power of the machine and see if that V12 is really good ... But your friend never drove anything more powerful than an ordinary street car. Would you dare risk your own life by taking a ride with him?

red ferrari high speedLet's think about it... If your friend doesn't have experience with powerful Ferraris, you would probably have a big problem, right at the first turn, by accepting your friend's invitation for a ride. Now, if your friend called Lewis Hamilton to drive the car, it would be a lot safer, would you agree?

Using the same analogy, we can compare the best microphone and the best car and realize that both are nothing without someone experienced to drive. If you know what you need to do during a recording, you will not need the best microphone to get the result you want.

Best Live Vocal Microphone

There are several microphones, and for live shows you'll want to use dynamic microphones, those SM58 perform miracles on stage.

Best Studio Microphone

woman singing recording studioIn your Home Studio you will be tempted to use condenser microphones, however as we do a lot of things in a studio, there are also times when the dynamics are used on vocals, drums, string instruments. Micing is an art, I feel hungry when I'm positioning my microphones. There are times when I want to eat all those microphones…

Best Microphone for Female Voice

woman singing microphone studio brunHere is an example of a voice that needs a specific microphone. In the HSS Formula of the Home Studio Course I talk about this on a topic called "Every Relative in Its Place" although extremely simple, one of the secrets of the perfect mix is to emphasize the right frequencies within the audio spectrum. A microphone that values the frequencies between 3kHz and 5kHz is ideal for the voice and will guarantee the possibility to fit the female voice in the mix perfectly.

The Best Microphone in the World

I don't like to tell sad stories, but I can say that you don't have to sell your car to buy an expensive microphone, nor do you need to buy a Ferrari to feel emotions at a racetrack. The best microphone in the world is one that is accompanied by someone who knows how to use it at the right time for the right purpose.

I wish you success and peace!

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