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If you are thinking of downloading the Melodyne voice tuner, we will check here some important points about this tool and the download link for a trial version…

We've been talking about Justin Bieber here on the blog and how he admitted using Melodyne to make his voice cooler to hear. That post was controversial, but of course when we have such a tool available, there is no harm in using it.

What about live shows? Neither the live show escapes, because there are hardwares able to tune the sound, in real time, based on presets and scales.

Melodyne vs Auto-Tune

singer man microphoneNow talking about Melodyne, this is the main competitor of Auto-Tune. To deliver more value to the user, the Melodyne family has the studio version, and may even risk some multi-channel functions, being limited only by the processing power of your computer.

Explaining better, the Melodyne studio not only works on pitch tuning in monophonic tones, but also offers the ability to insert series of vocals in multiple channels and even hit an entire chorus at one go.

Anyone who works with recording studios knows that guitar solos don't always sound tuned, and this can be corrected in real time with the power of Melodyne Studio.

Can I Record My Audio Using Only Melodyne Studio?

woman singing blueOh man! I think not. No, better not. Every monkey on your branch here. Melodyne, Auto-tune, are very good at correcting tones, just as Cakewalk by BandLab is very good for sequencing MIDIs and applying virtual instruments.

If you are a student here at Home Studio Start, you know that we use several programs, one for each function in Home Studio, always taking advantage of the best of each software and applying to our production process.

Link To Download Melodyne Studio Voice Tuner

You can download a trial version of Melodyne Studio by clicking here.

Dangers of Using Melodyne

Every technique works very well when you can't even realize that it is being used. It is like a poison, which in controlled doses can cause positive results.

If you apply too much tuning correction, you'll end up getting the “Cher Effect”. Yes, from the song "Believe", by singer Cher. I'll leave the video here so you can hear and realize when the pitch is changed on purpose.

Okay. After we had some fun with Cher, there's this video here where Melodyne's inventor, Peter Neubäcker, shows how this software works.

If you are our student, we will have a workshop on Melodyne, where I present the tool, how to use it and exactly what to avoid when you are correcting a recorded vocal.

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