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A huge number of musicians can't even get a contract with a record label, mainly because their minds are filled with myths about the music industry. If you want to achieve success more quickly, then it is good to get rid of these myths as soon as possible. Educating yourself and increasing your value to the market may be the key to getting the attention of a great record company. Let's now check out the 3 mistakes most musicians make when trying to do business with a record label. Come on?

# 01 - First Mistake: They Spend A Lot of Time Practicing Their Music Skills or Composing

gaga redoneOf course, practicing is always very good to develop whatever the skill, but like any other activity, it consumes time and money. Exactly these two factors that can weigh in the early career of a musician. Typically, beginning musicians have more time than money, but time is also a high-value asset and should be invested as well as money.

It is worth remembering that, quality musicians are everywhere. It might not be a good idea to try to become the best musician of all, in order to get the attention of the music industry. A more appropriate approach is to generate value through exclusivity, creating something new and striking, which can be easily fixed in the minds of your fans.

As always I like to quote here on the blog, there are artists who exploded years ago and who are still billing very high, for example: Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. In both artists, it is possible to notice something peculiar, be it in style, in appearance, in vocal tone, or even in musical proposal. When the musical investor finds this kind of artistic content, his eyes shine, and you can believe: those millions of dollars will be available to make your career happen.

All the millionaires want is to find an investment with a large margin of return. Now, just imagine, you being that investment? So, better attack on this side, seeking exclusivity and something new to offer to the market.

# 02 - Second Mistake: They Have a Conflicting Mindset With Recorder Interests

michael jackson freddie mercuryMany musicians believe the record companies are there to suck every drop of blood from their artists, all to support "evil capitalism." This kind of mentality is perceived (by far) by record label executives, who never work with such musicians. The most that these executives offer, in this case, is a yellow smile and no future.

On the other hand, these executives recognize musicians who understand that music is a business and believe that there is nothing wrong with earning a living making music, as well as being happy to work with other industry names so that everyone can thrive. Musicians with this entrepreneurial mindset always seek to offer more value than they get in return, so everyone wins.

If you want any record company to work with you, develop that win-win mentality, and first of all, focus on creating real value for the music industry. A good way to recognize their value is through their list of fans on social networks, such as: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Music channels on YouTube are the ones that most produce subscribers and views. If you have any hint of success on your channel, this can be a gateway for producers from the United States and the world to come looking for you. The more fans, the more perceived value you will have in the eyes of major record companies.

# 03 - Third Mistake: They Don't Seem Very Trusted

justin bieber drunkWork is work. One of the things you should worry about in the music industry is with your reputation. The greater your fame, the greater your concern for your reputation should be. Believe me, it's no good getting drunk, in a nightclub, late at night, showing signs of using narcotics.

Paparazzi can make you famous in a few weeks, but they can destroy your name in a few seconds, with a compromising image or a controversial story about you.

Record label executives never invest in people who are unreliable. Can you imagine what happens when someone invests millions of dollars in a new artist, build their brand, and then see everything going downhill because of a deplorable event in an even more deplorable environment?

This creates a sense of commitment to the company, to the point that you become almost a slave to your own career. We can recognise that we are already slaves of ourselves and our careers, but in these millionaire agreements, this condition of slavery becomes very noticeable and perhaps it is not pleasant to live with such a responsibility.

But don't worry ... If you are a good person with good intentions, it will be easy to prove that you are serious about your goals, and you are fit to do whatever it takes to become an international star and keep shining for many, many years.

And you? Are you thinking about setting up your Home Studio to start your music career?

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