Why the Sound of Your Studio is Not as Good as it Could Be

There are a lot of studio owners out there who are suffering for years, all for not understanding something fundamental in a quality audio recording studio. Let’s take a look at what it can be and how you can solve that kind of problem, starting today!

When I started my recording studio in 1997, one of my first difficulties was not about to put together the equipment and a computer to set up my recording studio. My biggest problem was all about have full control over the audio production process.

Producing music on a recording studio is something like producing a car. There is a factory with an assembly line and lot of robots, plus some people, and at the end of this process we can have a car already done.

Following the example above, we realize that a production process can prevents a car from end with larger wheels or a window that is not part of that particular model. This kind of thing is happening every single day with small recording studios around the world. The sound is out of standards. Yes, so non-standard audio that even the FM radio guys are refusing recordings from these studios.

How do I know that?

I have met several people who try to improve their sound through audio mastering technics. Of course, it reaches a point where there is nothing to do with the recording. No miracle is possible when we get a bad audio or a poor mix. So, if your audio does not have enough quality, it is not acceptable to the media channels.

The only way to make it right is using a complete production process.

If you don’t have a winner production process, no matter if you have expensive equipment or golden ears. It’s not going to work.

In order to turn creativity in music, you will need to know every aspect of a production, and follow a system to ensure your end result: high-quality audio within the commercial standards.

If your sound is not as good as you want it could be for a number of reasons

In order for your productions reach perfection, you’ll have to start dividing the whole process into smaller parts and do a series of tests to get great results on every step of the process. It’s something we’ve done since the late ’90s, producing excellent results already in 2002.

If you are studying Home Studio with us, stay tuned to all the steps of the Formula HSS, and the way we set up our production process with great results.

Finally, a good way to get what you want is studying the three pillars of audio production: recording – mixing – mastering.

I’ll be back later with more about Home Studio!