5 People Who Need a Home Studio and Still Don’t Know

When the idea of Home Studio comes to mind, we have little or no information on this subject. So, there is that vague idea about what we are talking about and the power that is hidden behind this idea, so revolutionary.

Today I brought in at least five people or five groups of people who urgently need a home studio, but who may not have realized how much a recording studio can help develop their careers, stand out in the market and achieve success.

Here are the five types of people who need a home studio now!

Musicians, Composers and Singers at the Beginning of Their Careers

woman recording studio acoustic guitar microfone condenserI’m sure you would bet all your chips on which I would mention early musicians, songwriters and singers. It seems very obvious, when we see from the outside, that this type of person is directly involved with the production process in a recording studio. They are musicians, playing their instruments to record the arrangements, singers, inserting their vocals, and behind this, all the composers creating the melodies and lyrics of music, that are recorded later.

Although obvious to us, not always do these musicians singers and composers consider the idea of ​​producing something in their Home Studios. There is a common sense that pushes people to professional recording studios, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The problem lies in the thousands of people who get lost along the way, because they can’t afford to live the experience of recording a song with their own voice.

I can guarantee that there is nothing more rewarding for the musician than seeing his work produced in a format that anyone can listen to and admire, maybe even share with others, opening up a wide range of possibilities to enlist fans, admirers, and / or supporters.

So, if you are a musician, singer or songwriter, here is my invitation: Dare to setup a Home Studio, you too!

Liberal Professionals and Not Only

man singing happy recording studioLiberal professionals are people who are self-employed, and usually this type of person has a little more time, or a little more flexibility to pursue a hobby. Personally, I dedicate myself to some other hobbies such as photography, aeromodelling, old computers.

You already have a guitar, have some time, you’re missing a great opportunity to record your musical performances and turn it into an album that you can leave to posterity. Another possibility is to transform your sound, whatever it may be, into something to be shared by groups of people who enjoy your work.

I’m sure that no matter where you are now, if you practice your musical hobby or do any recordable activity, a Home Studio can help you record your experiences, which will inevitably lead you to have feedback about what you are producing. That is, you can both perform and evaluate your auditory works, creating an excellent opportunity for constant evolution through constructive self-criticism.

Journalists Founding New Media

girl screaming megaphoneWe see more and more journalists seeking to manifest their own voice, their own worldview. I think this movement is inevitable, since it is part of the human instinct to express their ideas and defend their causes.

Far from the big media producers, these new journalists are looking for ways to reach their audiences directly, without filters or any kind of censorship. Also in this case, a Home Studio is essential to give the necessary technical support to the production of Podcasts, Vignettes, Advertising Spots, creating a real essential dashboard for these new and independent media producers.

The public, accustomed to quality in the big media, will continue to be served with similar quality, and best of all: being able to select and rely on their own sources of information.

If you are a journalist or do something like this, you are also fully invited to challenge yourself and set up your Home Studio, with your own hands, using our production process called “HSF Formula” which introduces you step by step , from the configuration of the minimum equipment, configuration of the software and application of a powerful production process, that will guarantee the quality that your public deserves.

YouTubers Towards Success

MattyBAnd speaking on YouTube, a lot of people believe that it does not give more time to be a successful YouTuber. I totally disagree with this idea. First, what is success for you? For me, success is achieving what I want. The problem is that we often find ourselves wanting more than reality can offer us, and when we put our ideas to the test, especially at the beginning, we are frustrated by the results short of what we want. This usually makes the brain go into safe mode and completely stop all activities, in this case producing content for a channel on YouTube. This is a mental trap 99.9% of beginner YouTubers fall into and that you can avoid by just knowing yourself.

The great struggle is not against adversity, but against itself. You can be your best friend, and also your worst enemy. You can support your projects, find a way to make it all work. On the other hand, you can come up with a very clever excuse to stop being YouTuber and avoid failure.

Now, if you have passed this test phase and have already overcome all psychological barriers, then I can tell you YouTuber, is that you are also invited to adopt a production process like Formula HSF in your videos in order to keep the audio volume level balanced, with the minimum of noise, ready to please the ears of your subscribers.

People Who Want to Grow and Evolve

woman singing orange headphonesYes, we are here to evolve, to grow, to be better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow. You are a person who wants to broaden their horizons, to know really new things, the fruit of the experience of a hundred people, also recommend that you roll up your sleeves and start learning the step by step to set up your Home Studio, apply the Formula HSF and achieve all your goals, whatever they may be.

Of course, a Home Studio is just another tool that you will use in your strategy in order to win your battles. As Home Studio is a tool that assists in musical production and communication, both aspects with extreme power of transformation, this knowledge can be able to accelerate and much your education and personal development.

I could still talk here for a few more hours about how a personal Home Studio can help countless people in the most diverse situations.

And for all of you that I did not mention, there’s my invitation: Do it yourself! Don’t leave your destiny in the hands of other people, even because there may not be time to leave your important projects for later.

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