Is Building a Cheap Home Studio a Good Idea

Maybe you're thinking about setting up your own recording studio, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, after all, these audio equipment used in a Home Studio is almost always quite expensive.

Still, there are those who want to get a minimal studio setting, capable of producing with the minimum quality required. Both the first and the second group of people need to know how to choose which type of equipment to use in their new recording studio. An error here and everything may take longer than expected to happen. I'll explain…

The Beginning of Home Studio Is the Worst Part

cheap home studioThe biggest problem you can find in a Home Studio is just the moment you start to make your first recordings. This is a crucial point, because you may realize that your audio is getting really bad. How do I know that? It happened to me a few years ago and I can assure you that it is not at all comfortable to start a recording session and realize that something is not being done in the right way, and this is almost like a puzzle to be unveiled.

The next step is to use our logical capacity and seek a villain for that problem. But often this villain is so hidden that you just can't even know it exists. Our brains tend to imagine that all these problems are caused by the studio equipment, and believe me, your studio equipment may even be the culprit. In many cases, the problem is even more complex than that and has nothing to do with the quality of the studio equipment.

Why Doesn't My Audio Have Quality?

microphone home studio recorder mixerNow, you must be thinking: if it's not a studio equipment's fault, then who's to blame?

Again, our brain tends to imagine that the guilt is external, because the fault is always of someone or something. However, we are a bit closer to solving this problem if we start looking at the most important equipment in Home Studio, which is nothing more than the human being himself.

Your experience can save you from innumerable situations, situations where lay people would be completely lost. A good example of complex challenge is the mixing and subsequent mastering, as these two processes are crucial to the final result of a production.

These two examples are really decisive and are no more important than the organic audio capture in a recording session. An error in capturing an acoustic guitar may compromise all audio quality in an irreversible way.

A Production Process Can Help You

man playing guitar home studioNow that we know that the problem may be in us, what is the solution to solve this problem?

If you've been following Home Studio Start for some time, you already know that I always recommend that you have a well-defined and organized production process, a step-by-step from acoustic audio capture, sample production, mixing and final mastering. If you have a well-mapped production process, your problems are likely to be reduced to a humanly manageable number.

I am emphasizing the difficulty in producing audio, because this really requires a good preparation of who is organizing the whole production process.

Our Home Studio project is here to help you extract the best audio quality from your studio equipment and provide you with the sufficient level of expertise to help you solve a number of technical issues that arise during the operation of a home studio.

The Fastest Way to Set Up and Operate a Quality Home Studio

musical keyboard night home studioOur Home Studio Online Course (coming soon) brings you this production process, plus a recipe with at least three distinct options on how to set up a music recording studio from scratch, even if you're a layman on the subject.

Answering the question topic of this post: there are some costs to have a Home Studio and these can vary between financial cost and time cost. This means that if you invest less in the financial field, you will have to invest a little more time to have your recordings better. Therefore, a course is always a good shortcut for those who want to reap the fruits of their work faster and with more clarity.

Anyway, cheap Home Studio is not the answer to your problem. You may need more than that: you need to invest the most time and dedication in your project, and this includes choosing the most cost-effective equipment on the market, always prioritizing those tools that meet your most pressing demands.

But do not worry, the distance to success is the same for everyone, the difference is that some go by jet and others go on foot.

Think about it…

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