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When we record, the most important thing is to get it right, if you get it wrong, you can prepare to have problems at the end of the session. Let's take a look at at least three serious mistakes that almost every Home Studio enthusiast commits while recording at home or in a specific room. 

They Are Reading a Copy of the Song Lyrics While Recording

woman singing recording reading music lyrics smartphoneIn 2002 I had an incredible experience. I monitored the recording of several studio albums and I was able to draw great conclusions about the behavior of the people inside the studio. It may sound bizarre, but the best singer in the world may be shy when he enters the recording room and the Record button is triggered.

Many artists are afraid of making mistakes and make the first of one fatal bug in a studio: they print the lyrics on a sheet of paper and place it right behind the microphone. Then they begin to sing reading, which ends up with any chance of producing a song with a decent vocal dynamics.

When we read we are being logical, and singing requires being poetical. If the artist is just a robot who sings reading, then how can he create emotion in people? Can you imagine how Luciano Pavarotti would sound bad if he sang without emotion?

They Are Not Using Electrical Grounding On Equipment

electrical grounding vegetationSince electrical energy has sprung up and spread throughout the world almost liquidating the oil industry, it is well known that good grounding prevents noise. We are in a universe full of radioactive sources, and any electrical or electronic circuit can suffer some kind of interference from these electromagnetic radiations.

You don't need to be Tesla to make a good ground for your recording studio. Just call a good electrician and he will make this grounding in just one morning.

They Are Not Following a Formula

woman studing mathWhen we are traveling, we have in mind the memories of the road, or we rely on road signs, maps or GPS. Whenever we want to move from point "A" to point "B", we must orient ourselves, otherwise we can end up reaching point "C"!

If you plan to start a recording and make sure you get where you want it, then the best way to do it is by following a formula. There are formulas for recording, mixing, mastering. Each of these formulas completes the other, and this guarantees 95% success at the end of processing.

Based on my studio experiences, we've compiled the HSS Formula, a set of instructions and concepts that will help you get high-quality audio with dynamic depth following industry standards.

I hope this can help you to have great success in your new Home Studio!

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Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!