How to Sing Better In Front of a Big Audience

I started singing at 8 years old. At that time I did not ashamed to be singing for family or friends. At an early age it is much easier to sing in public. My fear of singing in public was getting smaller when I was sixteen. During all these years I have found a path that you can follow in order to be able to sing to large audiences. Let's check it now!

If you plan to sing for many people, over a hundred, you'll probably feel many chills before going on stage. I can assure you that fear of singing in public is absolutely normal. Today at thirty-four years old I still feel a chill in the stomach when I walk on stage.

You can alleviate this feeling of fear and turn it into pleasure using these three simple approaches.

Sing to Smaller Audiences First

My initial audience was the smallest of all: my parents, brother and friends. A great advantage of this public is that, although small, was composed purely of fanatics.

Singing to the right audience is the most important thing in the world. When you are connected with your ideal audience, it is very easy to get a lot of applauses.

The fear of singing in public is almost irrational, based on survival instinct. Sing to people you trust will help you to create good memories about singing in public.

Memorize the Song Until it Becomes Your Second Nature

One of my biggest difficulties was memorizing the songs to create a playlist. But after playing and singing 20 times I could always remember all the lyrics.

Singing to a large audience is more than trust the public, is also trust yourself.

When you go up on stage and don't know the lyrics deeply, your personal confidence going down the toilet. If you don't have personal trust, a friendly audience is not enough, because you will make mistakes and your presentation will be very bad, as you feared.

A good way to increase your personal confidence is to memorize the songs you'll sing until these songs become a part of your soul. You'll hear the music inside you and everything will be much more natural.

Visualize a Large Audience Before Facing the Stage

A tribe in northern Africa lives of wildlife hunting, as it was hundreds of years ago. One technique they use to get to overcome the fear of wild animals and be able to catch their prey is to visualize each step of the hunt, and this is done a day before the hunt.

Imagine exactly what animal they want to capture the next day. Not always the hunt generates results, but the fact is that they are always well prepared psychologically to face large wild animals and risk their lives in search of food.

You can visualize a large audience and get used to the energy of these agglomerates of peoples. You can watch the live shows and follow the voice of the singer. Stand in front of the TV and sing all the songs, with eyes closed, imagining that you are there, singing to twenty thousand people.

These three tricks can help you increase your confidence in you and your audience.

In the final analysis, everything is about giving and receiving love from people.

Good luck and evolution!

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