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Today we are going to know the concept of super fans, and how they can transform you into an artist capable of realizing your own dreams, without depending on the big and saturated record companies. Let's find out how it all works?

Typically, musicians develop their skills on some kind of musical instrument and even attain the full mastery of musical art. However, the musician needs much more than this to achieve success, which in this case, represents a good portfolio of fans and the possibility of establishing a professional activity, serving music to these fans.

You Need To Learn About Marketing

marketing laptop key musicThe lack of ability to reach people through marketing is what makes artists around the world completely dependent on the big musical labels. These record labels, as they are known, have always been able to access the right people and create the connections needed to bring the artist's talent to their potential audiences.

That way, unless you had access to a person who knew an influencer within the music industry, it would be virtually impossible to be on the list of artists who have fans.

Because of gaps like these and the lack of information, many talents are leaving a promising future in music because they believe it's necessary to participate in the portfolio of one of these famous record companies in order to make their careers take off.

Now You Have The Right Tools

artist listening musicThe good news is that these days, you don't have to become extremely famous to be able to live on music. Another good thing is that now, we have access to all the tools we need. These tools are very similar to those that the major record companies use and have helped create countless success stories and have made internationally renowned artists come to the top. Best of all, these tools are getting more and more efficient, complete, and easily accessible to anyone with a computer and the internet.

Starting Your Musical Career

couple singingI believe you would like to live on music, doing what you love to do. Of course yes! And in this sense it's important to start creating short and long term goals. One of the goals you should set now is to answer two questions: Why would you like to be successful in the music industry? What does it mean to be successful to you?

You may answer:

I need popularity, to feel recognized in my profession.

I need to gain financial independence - That may not be the only reason, but if you work hard enough, money will just be a consequence of your job well done.

Self expression - Musicians often feel a creative fire within themselves, and music is a great way to manifest that creativity.

I believe that as human beings we have an intrinsic desire to make the world a better place to live. A lot of musicians write music in order to connect with humanity, share experiences of love, happiness, hate, loneliness, etc.

It may be that the sounds created by your soul and heart mean something to those who have had experiences similar to yours. If you find these people, you may not feel so alone, despite the circumstances. You want to connect with them and they want to connect with you, on a deeper level than a normal conversation. If people connect with each other emotionally, especially using music, I believe that this world can become a better place for our grandchildren.

Defining a Musical Style

artist having fun playing musicWhen you set out what are your reasons for moving forward, to keep fighting, you can begin to follow the next steps to reach your goals. You should start by knowing which way to go.

The next step is to answer: What kind of music will you use to communicate with people? It doesn't really matter what style of music you choose. There are multitudes of humans out there who are looking for the style you choose and they will resonate nicely with the experiences you will share through your music. If you can find these people, there will be a solid connection.

Once you've chosen your musical style, let your creativity flow. Just write everything that comes into your mind, record these new songs in voice and guitar in your Home Studio. Even if the melody doesn't come at first, try to record at least the lyrics, which will serve as an idea for new songs. It's a good idea to use an application such as Miidio Recorder on your smartphone to record these ideas just as they appear. You can also install a free software like Audacity on your MAC, PC or laptop and this will help a lot with these voice and guitar recordings, for your personal archive of ideas.

Getting Inspiration to Compose Music

musician playing bass guitarA good way to get inspiration is by listening to artists who have a style similar to yours, as well as studying their techniques and musical arrangements. It's also interesting to listen to the first albums of the chosen artist and compare with his latest productions, paying close attention to the evolution of his musical style.

Record all your ideas and try to show these recordings to everyone and everywhere. Don't expect the approval of only your friends, they will not be very objective with you. If you have the opportunity, seek opinions from people in the music industry; be prepared for honest answers, not letting your feelings get hurt by it.

Once you have a tangible product, it can be a selection of MP3 songs or even just a well-crafted song, make that track available on a Facebook page (aka Fan Page). This page will be a channel to share your productions and start finding your first Super Fans, those people who have created a deep connection to your work and who admire and value your presence.

Getting Your First Super Fans

woman singing to fansAfter all, what is a super fan? The super fan is someone who really enjoys what you have to offer and often feels a very strong connection to your music. And believe me, this is not hard to happen, once you are exposed to your audience, it's perfectly natural to emerge your first super fans. Best of all, this group of super fans will support your musical career, despite what criticism might say. If you decide to have a contract with a record label, a concert hall packed with your super fans can count a lot in your favor.

Now remember: Once you sign a contract with a record company, they will basically own you. If you like to own your nose, then seek to make your musical career without a record label.

In the United States it's common to see artists who have super fans launching fundraising campaigns. For example: on or, and these super fans end up contributing much more than the minimum order, which helps a lot these artists to achieve their goals. Let's do a simple math here? If a super fan contributes with only $100 a year, and you have at least 1000 super fans, then you will get about $100,000 a year. Is that enough for you to have a comfortable life? Then you say.

The most important point is to have a solid strategy and stick with it. Of course, you will find many people out there doubting your plans. If you are part of a band, make sure that all members have the same vision as you. A person who can't see this plan will clearly be a dead weight, and may even prevent the group from reaching somewhere. My best advice today is that you never give up on pursuing YOUR dream.

Birds raised in cages, believe that flying is a disease.
- Alejandro Jodorowsky

If you can gather persistence, education and action, the impossible will be just a matter of opinion.

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