Musical instruments can go to the Trash

Could it be that one-day musical instruments will eventually end up in the trash? Is that true for future studio recordings? Let’s find out who can lead you to retire your guitar, at least during the recording.

In adolescence, we always have some kind of contact with a guitar. It can be with a friends guitar or one owned as a birthday gift.

The point is that for some people, music is much more than something to listen to, they need to create, be involved in production, recording. So even starting to play music with any real instrument, we can say that physical musical instruments are becoming scarce in this new Home Studio model.

The world of music is changing every day; audio hardware is becoming easier to access. You may think about to use your acoustic guitar to record a new song, but will soon realize that you need to exchange it for something more professional, something that sounds better.

I often remember that most guitars I see on many recording studios are those from brands such as Yamaha, Ovation, Takamine and Crafter. Now, you can imagine how much costs a guitar like that? I can assure you the cheapest costs at lest $1,000. Could you use a low-cost instrument on studio? No… Any cheap acoustic guitar features sonic characteristics extremely harmful to a recording.

It’s what I say; if you do not have a tonal instrument density, you may have to abandon it, at risk of ruining your recording by putting poor-quality instruments.

But what would be the solution to this problem? Some professional mixers can go to the trash, now we think that the rest of studio instruments would have the same destination.

As the audio mixer can be replaced by VST software, all other instruments could be replaced by software. A VST instrument is an opportunity for many who dreamed of having an expensive guitar in the studio without invests in the real instrument.

A VST instrument is another type of quick access package and restricted format, works as a Soundfont, much the same way, but you can see a graphic interface that shows the instrument. It provides various settings to get exactly the spice you need to put on your music.

Virtual instruments are the future of musical instruments, at least in recording studio. If you do not want to spend years paying for physical instruments, this is the best solution for you.

Another good thing of virtual instruments is that if you already know how to play the keyboard, you can map the sounds to the keys and play any other instrument, even a piano as you wish.

These things are what enable setting up a home recording studio, investing almost nothing. Many people still do not believe that is possible to have quality, but the reality is that you can compete with any big studio, because now you have the same instrumental arsenal, they have.

I will be back soon.

Look this video from YouTube about VST Instruments…



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