Why should you have an USB guitar cable

The USB guitar cable lets you connect your guitar or bass directly into the computer. If you want to record your guitar convenience, the USB guitar link is the new hi-tech weapon for your arsenal. If you thought you had seen it all, then you will know more deeply about the USB guitar cable.

The Alesis GuitarLink Audiolink Series is an adapter cable with a ¼ “connector on one end and a male USB connector on the other.

This cable is not connected to your sound card … It already has a built-in sound card on cable!

Watching your specifications, we note that the cable writes to 16bits, 44,100kHz, ensuring crystal clear recordings and playback with this cable.

You can use this cable in other instruments, creating a bridge analog – digital between your instrument and your computer.

The cable is short?

No … The cable is huge! You can use it on stage without any problems. Inside the recording studio this cable works like any other, the difference is that you will not rely solely on a sound card.

It is easy to install?

This is a very important point, because any new gadget should be easy and convenient to use. The USB guitar cable works on the Plug-and-Play system, so you will plug it to Jack P10 output of your guitar, and the other end into the USB port of your PC. The system will recognize your cable and install the drivers correctly.

usb guitar cable

Some cables have embedded drivers, the same as the USB MIDI cable, you do not even need an installation CD-ROM to use your cable. Your new audio device is installed in a few seconds.

It is compatible with Sound Forge?

So, like any USB audio interface, the cable is compatible with Sound Forge audio editing software. Not only the Sound Forge, but any other music software that communicates with windows. Audacity is a good example of music software for use with your USB guitar link cable.

I use a MAC, will it work?

This cable is really perfect. You can use it on both Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, as in MAC OSX without problems. As the USB is universal, the cable is also recognized for a system like MAC OSX. You can use all recording software that have installed on your Mac with this USB guitar cable.

Does the UBS cable lasts a long time?

Like any cable, you might think that one day it will break. In the case of USB cables, we 4 yarns and outer sheath. So are 5 wires to break. We believe that your USB cable will last long enough to see the disposal of your camera, your iPod and your USB microphone.

The cable is very expensive?

No, anyway. Compared to a USB audio interface, the cable is very very cheap. Researched its price in the US is costing an average of US $ 69.90 (US dollars).

Finally, the USB guitar cable is here to stay. You will want to have several cables of this type in your Home Studio. You can connect your guitars, keyboards, and any instrument that has a p10 jack output with a compatible signal level.

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