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Many people are wondering: "How can I create a song and then record it on an mp3 for my fans to hear?" Launching new music is essential for anyone starting or wanting to pursue an artistic career. No new hits, with all this distraction available, your fans may even forget you. Let's check out the steps to produce good music in the comfort of your home.

Build a Home Studio to Record Your Music

home studio equipament simple setupIt may seem strange, but the first tip is to set up a recording studio at home, before you start creating and / or producing your music. There is a very interesting process of musical creation that composers can follow that uses Home Studio as a basis to stimulate creativity. The method is exemplified in "How to Compose a Music of Success" and consists of recording the voice and the guitar during the early stages of composition.

In addition to being able to record everything that is being created, you need to have in hand the possibility of composing also the musical arrangements, which are in turn, musical masterpieces. Each solo, progression of chords and rhythms is part of something greater: the code of your music, something unique and coming from inspiration.

Composing Music

composing music guitar paperIf you think that to compose a song you need talent, you are mistaken. In fact, it is possible to create any song from scratch using only math. Yes, music is pure mathematics. Chord progressions, for example, are used on a large scale, building several different songs, just varying the harmonic combinations.

You can create endless songs using chords and scales that are even easier to learn compared to the language alphabet. Musical language can be understood by studying Musical Theory.

It is not the basic rule for a music producer to know musical theory, but every independent producer, capable of creating his own music, studies this sort of thing. It pays to feel some mental pain and study some music, before producing good music.

Producing Electronic Music

make electronic music keyboard monitorsIf your intention is to produce an electronic music, you probably have to go through the previous topic, but the point here is that it is not easier to create electronic music just because there are software like Ableton Live and others of the genre. You will need to use your musical theory to know how to mix your beats and to put your harmonic bases coherently with the musical piece.

Making electronic music is no different than composing a song from scratch. David Guetta is famous because he understood that there is no chaos in music, only pure mathematics, one that interacts with the emotions of the listeners.

If you are thinking of making electronic music, besides having a Home Studio and Ableton Live, you need to understand Musical Theory and listen to at least two great composers of the genre. Notice how they combine the elements in the song, put a hint of creativity and innovation.

Always remember this: when you think of doing something new, prepare to be called crazy.

Produce Music Online

soundtrap audio devicesMaking music using some application on the Internet is something possible these days, but not as powerful as necessary for you to produce or create songs as your imagination conceives. Applications for online music production are still incomplete, and they lack a lot of resources to produce music.

Applications for online music production are a kind of tool designed for lay people who want to feel the taste of producing something on the computer, before leaving for more serious productions with unlimited resources.

If you plan to produce music using an online application, you will need to use a lot of creativity to overcome the limitations of this type of tool. Not that it is impossible, I believe that you can do anything, but I find this approach more difficult.

Is Music Production a Cake Recipe?

colorfull cake with candlesA lot of people ask me if musical production is a cake recipe. I particularly think so. This may seem controversial, but the truth is that we spend hours mixing a recording just to get to the exact spot where things work. Each instrument in its place, no one screaming on the imaginary stage, everything as the ears of the fans are accustomed to hear.

I mean that I defend the parameterized mix, adding only the variables on each musical style. A good mix can be made without listening, as described in "Is it Possible to Mix Without Hearing Anything?". As music is mathematical, all the sound produced also obeys and behaves in the same way. Understanding how a timbre interacts with the whole of the work, is what makes a mix of success.

Final Thoughts

woman singing microphone red hairNow that we have gone through all these steps, we can understand that it is possible to produce a song without leaving home. Another conclusion we can take is that a good music producer is one who is willing to study, research and put theory and ideas into practice. The more the producer studies and learns, the more prominent the others he gets and the easier it will be to solve all the problems that arise during a production.

With more and more ample resources available, even the great secrets of studio are being revealed to those looking for it. This is an expanding industry and in the future it will be common for artists from every corner of the world to become famous outside their countries, conquering fans everywhere. The music market walks into the hands of small producers, giving voice to a wealth of talents everywhere.

woman singing microphone guitar audio interfaceWhen I created Home Studio Start in 2015, the main goal was to prepare small artists for a future of great achievements, all due to the explosion of social media and independent music production.

This is happening now: many artists are understanding how to produce quality music to serve their fans. This is based on what the industry has been doing for a long time, but with the tools of the Internet, is a task that is passing into the hands of the artists themselves, promoting freedom and diversity.

When creating your next song, think about how great it will be, just by counting on yourself, to bring that sound to real people who enjoy what you produce!

Good recordings!

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