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Many wish to make Home Studio a full-time work place, but not everyone has a clue about how to find customers for their recording studio. This marketing problem is common in any business area, but fortunately you will get your customers, even if your studio is not as impressive. Let's find out how?

Creating Credibility

skydiver thumbs upOne of the first actions you need to take when seeking customers for your recording studio is to gain credibility. Eventually your customers don't know that your studio exists, so you need to announce it to your community. You can choose various advertising methods: newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets where musicians attend; all this works well. The great thing about Home Studio is that you don't have to do a lot of advertising to have clients visiting your venture every day.

After you have set up all of your equipment, having completed your Home Studio Course, it is only natural that you wait a few months before opening your doors to the world. It would be great if you practice hard before you start producing professionally, because you need to feel secure before you start this business.

Reserve your best productions in a folder on your computer to serve as a demonstration of your work for your future clients. The people come to visit your studio, you show what you can produce. That simple. The best way to sell your studio services is by showing off your work.

After lighting your recording studio business, the flame spreads, mouth-to-mouth advertising works great (when your work is good) and soon people from other cities will be looking for you to record, master, produce musical arrangements. Your name is your greatest asset, in this or any other business.

Creating a Fanpage on Facebook and a YouTube Channel

iphone social mediaA good way to bring people together who enjoy your studio work is by creating a Fanpage on Facebook and a YouTube channel. The idea is to get your new friends / clients together and have them all around, so you can easily find them. You can share samples of your work daily and begin to establish a healthy discussion about music and music production.

Creating Custom T-Shirts

custom t shirts oak recording studioIf you have customers who really like your project and you want to give them a cool gift, it would be a good idea to give them a personalized T-shirt with the logo of your Home Studio. Sit down with a T-shirt designer and do something you would wear on a day-to-day basis. If the T-shirt is beautiful and interesting, you will have a customer speaking well about you while walking on the street.

We don't talk about so many other ways of getting known in a city, but based on what I've presented here, it's not hard to imagine other creative ways of communicating with your customers.


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Rodrigo Marques

We believe that a Home Recording Studio can change the future of many entrepreneurs and artists who need to show how great their talents are. Enjoy it!